Why study in Cologne

Did you know that Germany is one of the most popular destinations for international students? Well, it’s true! You can’t go wrong if you choose to study here. According to the Forbes list, Cologne is one of 50 best cities for studying. If you are seeking a place that offers great choice of universities, affordable cost of living, high quality of life, and much more, Cologne is your destination. Modern and historical, with a Roman touch, Cologne definitely has its own distinctive charm. It’s big enough to offer something for everyone and small enough to allow for commuting by bike or foot. Due its diverse student body, the city is very international, which makes it easy to adapt to. Let’s see what other benefits you will get in this amazing city.


Cologne is host to many universities among which is one of the Europe’s oldest

Today more than 150,000 international students are getting a degree in Germany and this amazing city is home to more than 85,000 German and foreign students. One of many reasons why students are drawn to Cologne is the fact that most of its universities offer programs in English. Cologne is also home to one of the oldest European universities. Start your new life story right now! Just look for a suitable study program at one of the universities in Cologne and become a proud Cologne resident.


Are you ready for a thrilling lifestyle?

Concerts or live music, just name it. There’s always something to do. You’ll never be bored. The city has many young students which gives it a fresh feel and a fun atmosphere. There are lots of bars and cafes, and the best part is, you don’t need to be rich to enjoy it. Student clubs are also very affordable. And don’t forget the famous carnival, which is bigger than the one in Rio and takes place every February.


International atmosphere

Almost everyone your age speaks English which makes it easy to meet people and socialize.  The city has been a cultural hub for over 2000 years, so next to Germans there are Asians, Russians, Arabs, Africans and any culture of your liking. You can feel safe, and enjoy the liberal approach of the city. Most people are really open-minded and friendly.


All cuisines

Eating well is not difficult in Cologne. All cuisines are available. You just need to find your favorite place. Student canteens are considered one of the best in Germany, with good food for as little as 2.50€ for a meal.



Having an apartment in the city centre is great, but living outside of the city centre is definitely not a disadvantage in Cologne. For a million plus city, public transportation system is great and considered one of the most modern in Germany. It is well connected – you can use busses, rail, both light trams and rapid transit Bahn – and by getting your student ID you get use public transportation for free! And of course, you will have an easy access to the airport which lies between Cologne and Bonn.



At the beginning of the semester the demand for accommodation is particularly high, so we recommend you start looking as soon as possible, at least 6 months prior to arrival. Student residences usually have waiting lists and their monthly rents range between 160 and 350 Euros. Generally, rents are about 500 – 850 Euros for a one-bedroom apartment or 700 – 1200 Euros for a two-room apartment. Also note that you might have to pay additional agency fees. Those can be between 25% and 120% of your 1st month’s rent. For more detail information please see here.


Health insurance

In Germany it is compulsory to have medical insurance during your studies. German students should look into suitable coverage, both medical and dental. International students can rely on university admissions office to guide them through the process and help them select the best option for them.